After School Hours

My oldest is home from school, chattering up a storm, and full of energy. She missed me today. I write that as if she never misses me. I’m positive she does, but at school she has all of these new and fun creative toys to use her imagination with, art easels in two corners of the room, a huge play-mat the size of her room, and much more. The play-mat is rainbow. She talks about the letters on it. She even knows where each one of her friends sit on this giant play-mat. She loves being the line leader and even the caboose. She hasn’t mentioned anything about being in the middle of the line, so I’m just going to go out on a limb here and believe she probably isn’t very fond of being in the middle. Typical five-year old, right? For now, she has told me she’s the scheduler, and loves it.

For two whole weeks now, she has been walking throughout our house spelling her name out loud. Her name is hard, and her last name is even harder. It’s a German name, so our last name has about half of the alphabet in it, and ends in er. Not saying all German family names do, but most that I have seen. As I am writing this, she is coming to me for more paper to “play school” or to draw her friends more pictures. These pictures consist of her writing her name, and scribbling a few different colors because she is in such a hurry to get to the next clean sheet to write her name, again.

Yesterday while she practiced writing, she was full of excitement, and I was honestly a little stunned. Not that I have any doubt in her whatsoever. She is a very bright and strong-willed child, and I love that about her. I was stunned, and I just starred as she wrote. I remember, not too long ago, we would draw, write, color, and practice at home. We would practice letters, numbers, and shapes almost daily once I was able to find the perfect routine for us. Those were scribbles, toddler scribbles.

Now, she’s 5, and within almost two months of starting school, she can write her name. I guess I had one of those “I tried to teach you that, but at least we got the letters, numbers, and shapes down” moments. I helped in someway get her to this point, but I was also thinking about that sweet toddler of mine that helped me make and glue a rainbow out of Fruit Loops as we explored colors.

As I am finishing up, with this bittersweet post, she is telling me our schedule for the rest of the evening.

According to Vaeh’s agenda:

  1. Monkey-in-the-Middle (She is obsessed with being in the middle – only for this specific game of course, because we’ve already established she’s not very fond of being in the middle of the school line – She’s even more obsessed when I am in the middle.)
  2. Surprise Bubble Pack (6 whole bottles filled with bubbles that have surprises in them just for her & Nathan…)
  3. Food! (& probably more food after that)
  4. Bath-time (Which we should probably move this one up, right after the bubble fun that’s about to go down…)
  5. A Girl Named Misty (Her new book that she purchased at her Book Fair)

That sums up my evening. She has planned out just about every single hour until bed-time. After all, she did say she is the scheduler at school.

– raising.arrows.x2 CL

IMG_0729“Vaeh” (5) 💖

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