Valentines Day: Jewelry Gift Idea for Men

Women’s Earrings

Earrings By: Willow Elizabeth

Hey y’all! It’s nice to be back in the blog space again. I’ve been so busy lately taking care of sick kiddos, and just mom life in general.

I wanted to take the time to talk about the special “Holiday” that’s coming up in a few short weeks.

First of all, I know most or all of you have such a hard time finding the perfect Valentines Day gift for that sweet someone in your life. I’m a woman, and I have a hard enough time buying for my husband for Christmas.

The main Valentines Day gift go to is almost always Chocolate & Roses. Maybe even a cute little bear, or a giant sized bear that eventually you regret buying anyways.

Another go to Valentines Day gift is jewelry. You have heart necklaces, sweet charm bracelets, and if you are planning something extravagant, there is always the ring option.

Not ready to pop the question yet? Not the right time or day? That’s okay, wait it out. Be confident when you plan to be extra.


Here’s the thing. Most men get super nervous when they have to ask that question. Why? Think about if it were you in his shoes. Most of them already know the answer, but most of them also want it to be perfect, for you. Be patient, and thankful.


If you want to be a little extra this year for Valentines Day, read below for the perfect addition to those chocolates & roses.

Women’s Earrings
Willow Elizabeth
Women’s Valentines Gift Ideas

Willow Elizabeth

I love small shops. They have the CUTEST accessories and clothes. I have recently connected with a small shop called “Willow Elizabeth” via Instagram. This little shop is based out of Sandusky, Ohio. Might I add, such a cute little town name! Handcrafted earrings that will fit any and everyone’s style. I love the look and feel of their earrings, and they have a huge selection to choose from. Trust me, you’ll want to check their site out. As I stated above, these earring sets will go with any style, and I guarantee your special lady will fall in love with them, as I have mine. So, check them out, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact them, the talented ladies behind this little shop are the sweetest! Happy shopping!

Links below:

Shop Link: Willow Elizabeth Shop

Instagram Page: @willowelizabethshop

XoXo – Chels ♥️

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