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I guess you could say I’ve been inspired to blog more often after starting this blogging traffic group with one of my BFF Mishi. By the way, that’s the link to her site.

So it’s 10:59, I’m behind on laundry, and I would normally be working on engagement right now, but I’m here.

I’ve had tons of people messaging me, asking about Instagram growth, becoming an influencer, and how it works.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything in this blog. This blog will be long, and very detailed. Grab a snack. So, let’s start from the beginning of my Instagram journey.

Back in September of 2018, I had been out of work for a few weeks after working for a local healthcare center for a year. I went to school for 3.5 almost 4 years, graduated with an associates degree in Healthcare Administration in February of 2017. So, I had my dream job, right? To be honest, not exactly. I worked my ass off for years to graduate from college. Other than my kids and marriage, graduating was one of the biggest moments in my life. After graduation, it took me 8 months to finally get the opportunity to work in the healthcare field. Here in GA, healthcare is a very tough field to get into unless you have someone on the inside helping you get in. Luckily, I landed this job starting off as a receptionist. I loved my job so much. I loved the lifestyle, the schedule, my co-workers, some of the benefits, and just having the opportunity truly. Long story short, months went by, and after many positions changing, I was slammed. No longer a receptionist, I was basically the Medical Records Coordinator plus some. I still thrived for more. Why on earth would someone be thriving for more if they were already slammed? With that lifestyle in my past, I now know that I thrived for more because I was unhappy. Well, months went by, things changed, and actually due to my daughter starting school and not having a set daycare/sitter for my son, I was back at home.

I spent my days feeling exhausted, trying to clean, trying to be a good mom and make these days fun for my son. I also, sadly, would binge on Netflix. Literally, all day every day. I watched all of “Jane: The Virgin” in a very short period of time. #teammichael all the way.

Anyways, I decided I needed a hobby. I needed something for me to do during the day that would help keep me motivated, mainly something I enjoyed doing. I thought on this for days, and eventually felt stuck.

One of my now BFF, whom I’ve known for years from my hometown, had been on Instagram for a long while. I cannot remember what I said to her, but I do remember her response very well. She said, “let me take you for a ride girlfriend”!

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. Started from the bottom now the whole teams…okay I’ll stop. I literally started with I believe 83 inactive followers. I remember starting to participate in loops. Let me clarify something about loops. I look at loops as small businesses, considering I’m an admin for 2 loop pages, and the main admin of one of them. Loops are an awesome way to grow your page. As for the business aspect of looping, most companies are aware of loop pages and know that a lot of people join together to help each other grow. Some of them don’t mind, others can be picky. In all honesty, if they are going to be picky about you having a loop post on your page, they probably aren’t worth working with. This is a JOB. As influencers, we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with these companies, and we go out of our way to make each ad/collab/campaign/sponsorship the best that it can be. As for loops, they can get a little overwhelming at times, especially running a loop. Finding the right ones to grow with, is key. The first loop I participated in, was shit. Sorry not sorry. No, I’m not going to call them out because it’s probably not their fault, honestly. I just remember following so many accounts, only to be unfollowed later. Sucks right? That’s when I posted a video sharing my thoughts on the outcome of the loop, and a friend of mine, who unfortunately is no longer apart of our page, started Find Your Tribe. By the way, the friend of mine I’m referring to is an awesome person all around, who took the time to focus on other things in life, and for those of you that know who I’m talking about, will know why. She’s kind hearted, and will go out of her way to help you with anything, especially with her being in the “Young Living” business. I won’t go into details about what happened next with FYT, but if you read a few blogs back, you’ll know all about our page.

So over the last 6 months, I’ve spent the time growing, not only my page, but personal growth as well. I’ve managed to get more comfortable with this lifestyle by meeting some of the most awesome women who I talk with almost daily. We are all here for basically the same reasons.

Me? I’m here because I genuinely enjoy what I do. I do this for my family, my sanity, and much more. Let me break it down for you.

1.) Photography:

I’m no professional by any means, but with each day, I am learning so much, and loving the moments I am capturing. Whether it’s an original, not intended post, or an AD or sponsored post. I love it. I do use presets, and love the look of my feed. Some presets cost but they are worth it. If you can’t afford to invest into presets, there is an app called VSCO that I used a few times before. The edits just take a little longer than a preset would.

2.) Photography + Flow:

I love a gorgeous feed. I have OCD when it comes to my feed, and I try like hell to make it look aesthetic and flow naturally. I am picky about certain posts being back to back or next to each other. I am picky about lighting and angles. Literally, I’ve thought so much into my feed that I know when the best times to capture pictures are, and the the best places in our home to do so. I told y’all, I have OCD.

3.) Photography + Flow + Content:

We’ve covered photography and flow, now let’s talk about content. Your feed must be presentable with good content. It takes at the minimum of 5 seconds for someone to decide if you are worth the follow. (Sorry to come off like that, but there’s no other way to say that.)

Your photos, grid, bio, highlight covers, etc. all play a HUGE part in how your feed will draw someone in.

4.) Content Extended:

Bio: Your instagram bio should have a few things about you, hashtags are optional but they do increase traffic, and CONTACT INFO. Meaning, your page should be public. If you’re planning to pursue an influencer lifestyle, make your profile public, and add at least an email for business inquires.

Highlight Covers:

According to Instagram, 10-15 stories a day at minimum helps with engagement. Secondly, having highlight covers on your feed is a must if you are going for they aesthetic look.

I also have a YouTube video on “How to make your own presets by using your feed/presets”. All you need to have is Instagram to make this happen. If you’d like to see the video, please let me know. As for now, I have the settings set as link privilege only, just a personal choice.

5.) Engagement:

Your feed looks great but your engagement is shit. Your engagement will increase with good content, and a few tips and tricks that I can also link to you in a private message. Trust me, it’s worth it.

On average your pictures should have 500+ likes, and at least 50 comments.

These comments should be relevant to what your post is about. You must catch your viewers eye with what you are promoting. Make the product(s) the main topic, but still natural.

Comments should also be 5 or more words, and emojis do not count. Replying with 5 or more words to each comment also helps as well.

A few final tips:

Hashtags, tagging, and changing the ALT text of your images makes a HUGE difference. Most of you know how to add hashtags, and I’ll explain how to change the ALT text for your posts for those that are unaware.

ALT TEXT: When uploading a photo(s)/video, you’re going to go into advanced settings, and you’ll see at the bottom where it says ALT TEXT. You should basically name/caption the image. Changing the ALT TEXT helps with “searches”.

Overall, grow your account, have a presentable feed, and engage.

I hope this blog/tips & tricks will help you on your journey as a new influencer. Again, this is a job, but stay on it, and don’t ever feel discouraged. I’ve been turned down more times than I can count. I kept going, reached out again at a later time, after taking the time to build my content/image, only to get a YES the next time. If you enjoy it, don’t give up, and stick with it.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know! I’m always happy and willing to help anyone. It may take me a bit to reply, but I will message you back!


Daily routine as a wife/mom/influencer/blogger! Stay tuned!

Instagram: @raisingarrowsx2

XoXo – Chels ♥️

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Hi! I'm Chelsey, a mama of 2 with a love of photography working as a content creator. I've been happily married to the love of my life for 6 years. I utilize life experiences and my social media platforms for influencing, growth, and blogging. My content reflects motherhood, style, tech, outdoor, and lifestyle trends. I look forward to connecting with you!

6 thoughts on “Instagram Influencer Lifestyle

  1. YES YES YES!!!!!! OMG Chels I clicked so quick when I saw you had a new post! And girl this is a job!!! Because people think that what we do is not a job…incorrect! What we do takes so much energy to the point that at times we really need to step back and breathe! Plus, we always need to promote and update products so it gets crazy. This year though we need to plan everything specific days out for each thing. I have been MIA because of that cause I have my planner filled with due dates lol! I love this!!!!! I can’t wait for the next one!

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    1. Awesome post! Thank you very much for sharing, I would love to watch the video about presets and also know those tricks to increase the engagement… I’m working on my page but still so far from what I want. Hopefully that will change now that I found your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes love the cover photo and IG has totally became a job for me but I love it it’s a way for me to make money and be home with my babies all you wonderful people I’ve met are just added blessings along the way

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