Behind the Camera

The name says it all, but in all honesty, I don’t even own an actual camera. Yes, you read that right. So many people have asked me questions about what camera I use or if I use one at all. The answer is no. In the near future, hopefully yes. Which by the way, I am picky and want the best but I also don’t want to break the bank when getting one. Any tips on the best cameras would be greatly appreciated.

As for now, I use my phone. I have an iPhone XS Max. I love the front and back facing camera but truth be told, I am dying to get my hands on an awesome camera for all of the content that I create. I don’t want to say that I am a photographer because I am neither. While I do take lots and lots of pictures, and sometimes spend hours editing and going through the “bloopers”, I personally don’t feel as if I am there just yet.

Most of family and friends have told me time and time again that I do indeed have an eye for photography and take the cutest pictures. While I appreciate those compliments, I still have lots to learn. I’d like to share with you what I have gathered so far. In other words, my take on photography.

As mentioned above I do use my iPhone for my pictures currently, I do also own a bluetooth compatible tripod that I purchased online from Walmart. I will place the link for the tripod at the bottom for you to check out. I also purchased a 3 point lighting system. I did research for days on different kinds of lighting systems and after watching 1 YouTube video, I knew what I needed, the 3 point lighting system. Originally, I wanted a ring light because everybody and their mother owns one it seems. However, the 3 point lighting systems works for all angles of the shot, wheras the ring light is made for and targets the chest and up to front of the face, placing shadows on the sides of the face.

I’m OCD when it comes to just about everything, including taking photos. I will take 30 or more photos to get maybe 3-4 good ones of my kiddos. Mom life. Am I right? I know the best times of the day to take the pictures, and the best spots in our house to take them. In fact, our kitchen is not a good place for pictures. The reason being, is that our walls are similar to a sage green color, which is too dark for my liking, but to each their own. We’re actually in the process of renovating our kitchen, and I am beyond excitied.

A few tips before this blog comes to an end.

1.) Good Camera – Whether it’s your phone or an actual camera, you definitely need a clear camera.

2.) Lighting – IS KEY. Trust me. You want to showcase your product/pictures very well and bright.

3.) Angles – You want to make sure that you are taking the picture at the right angle. Depending on what you’re capturing – move around until you find the best fitting angle for that specific photo.

4.) Accesories – Although you may not need them, they are very nifty to have just in case. For example: My husband is an “Instagram husband” but isn’t always around to capture picutres for me or of me, or just to help in general. Therefor, my tripod comes in handy ALL THE TIME.

5.) Editing – Depending on your style and what you like, you want the tones to match what interests you, your personality and overall, your feed. Personally, I use a Lightroom Preset for my photos/feed. I feel that the preset I use brings out the vibrant colors, flows well, and fits my style perfectly. If you cannot afford presets, there is an app called VSCO where you can edit your photos manually. Just a little tip – a filter is NOT the same as a preset. Trust me, once you use a prest, you can tell the difference.

That’s all I have for now about being behind the camera. Once I make my decision on a camera, I will definetly share more with you all!

XOXO – Chels



Acuvar 50” Inch Aluminum Tripod

3 Point Lighting System:

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio


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Hi! I'm Chelsey, a mama of 2 with a love of photography working as a content creator. I've been happily married to the love of my life for 6 years. I utilize life experiences and my social media platforms for influencing, growth, and blogging. My content reflects motherhood, style, tech, outdoor, and lifestyle trends. I look forward to connecting with you!

4 thoughts on “Behind the Camera

  1. I love taking pictures so much. I haven’t got a camera but I always get a phone with a great camera. I’d love to get a proper camera in the future. Do you buy presets as a one off payment or is it something you have to keep buying?


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