First Pregnancy

While I feel extremely blessed to be able to have kids in general, I hated being pregnant. I was straight up miserable. I bitched all the time, I stayed nervous a lot, and my anxiety got worse during those long 9 months. So, here’s my story.

My husband proposed to me on October 27th, 2012. We had talked about what we wanted for our future, and we decided that waiting until after we were married would be best for us to try and have a baby. We wanted to wait so that we had that special time for each other after marriage. We wanted to build on that, in hopes of sticking to the “traditional” way. I’m literally laughing as I’m typing that.

Needless to say, God had other plans for us and our future. Fast forward to December of 2012 – two weeks before Christmas to be exact. I had been feeling a lot of discomfort. My stomach was hurting/cramping so badly. So bad that I stayed on ibuprofen. I know, I know. Looking back, I remember that these random stomach pains would happen mostly in the middle of the night. I would wake up in pain and be awake for hours curled up into a ball. Let’s get one thing straight. Yes, pregnancy is beautiful in many ways, but it’s also painful – or was in my case.

I decided to take a pregnancy test before Christmas, and the results were negative. So I thought, do I have the flu or something? So many questions. I honestly never thought that it could have been “mother nature”, because it hadn’t been that long. Not only that, my periods were very irregular. I thought I had the flu, ulcers, my mind was just racing. The stomach pains shortly went away. I didn’t think anything about it at that point.

A few weeks later on January 3rd, 2013, I got up to get my cousin ready for school and to make my husband’s lunch. Back then we spent a lot of time hanging out over at my Aunt & Uncle’s. I also had to be there to take my cousin to school if my Uncle had a shift at the station while my Aunt had to be at work at 4 AM. So I get up, make his lunch, reach to set the bowl on the table, and literally feel like I could just vomit everywhere. So then I really started questioning, what is wrong with me? I made plans to go see my doctor the next day. However, later that evening, after fixing dinner I reached to hand my husband his drink and felt nauseous, again.

I go into the bathroom and decided to take another test just to be safe. I take the test, sat it aside – left it for 30 minutes, because at this point I’m thinking it’s going to be negative again. I completely forgot about the test y’all. I go back to check – glanced as I’m about to throw it away and my mind is blown. Not 1 line but 2. I ran back to the living room and showed my husband. In that moment I realized why I had been feeling the way that I had. He’s the calm one in this situation, I’m freaking out wanting to head to the nearest store to buy every brand of test they possibly have.

Of course by this time, we had already started planning for our wedding. Major curveball, am I right? We head back over to my Aunt’s house the next day and we’re all standing in the kitchen – perfect opportunity to tell them. They start talking about the wedding, and our “theme” of course was an outdoors country themed wedding. I mean, we do live in the South. I let them continue on trying to contain myself. They were talking about drinks and beer and all of the good stuff. That’s when I stepped in. Word for word, “Well, y’all have fun drinking and what not because I won’t be.” – they looked at me like , why? Short pause. Mouths dropped. I said yes, I’m pregnant. They were stunned. I think it was even a curveball for them as well.

They adored Matt, so much. They still do. They were genuinely happy for us and understood that God had other plans for us. So not only were we planning for a wedding, we had to start planning for the arrival of a baby too! Two words: NERVE WRECKING. The wedding was only 4 months away. I started to think about how big I would be, what wedding dress I could actually wear. I never got the chance to wear the dress of my dreams. However, I got something even greater. I got to marry the love of my life, who would also be the best father to our “babies”. We will save Nathan’s story for another blog. I also had this tiny human growing inside me, that would one day believe she is “Queen of the bath waters”. No joke.

The First Trimester:

We found out that our little one was due on September 1st, 2013, my Uncle’s birthday! We thought that was very cool and we were so excited. During my first trimester with Vaeh, I stayed sick. I had hellacious morning sickness. It was so intense that I could not eat dry toast, a cracker, or even drink water to keep anything down. I ended up having to go to the ER one night because it was so bad. I stayed super tired and had to sleep so much, and hated having to lay down all the time. About 11 weeks into the first trimester they finally gave me 2 different medications to take and help with the nausea. I could finally eat, and feel normal again.

The Second Trimester:

I’m an impatient person, and it already felt like this pregnancy was dragging by. Even though I felt like it was taking forever, my energy kicked in, thankfully. I could get up, get dressed, go out, whatever I wanted to do. My belly growth picked up during this time also. My clothes became tighter, making me worry about the dress and just about every piece of clothing I owned. When I was 17 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks before the wedding, I finally felt the first movement. I was walking in the middle of Walmart for a grocery trip, and KICK. Talk about one of the craziest but awesome feelings at the same time. It was like once she realized she could kick and move around, my belly was her jungle gym. I started getting bad headaches a lot around that time, but they say that’s normal. Wedding day has officially arrived, I forget about the dress or the fact that I was showing in the dress, because that was one of the best days of my life. That whole week was filled with so much joy. We got married April 13th 2013, went away for our honeymoon, and returned on April 16th, 2013. We were already scheduled for our gender scan on April 17th, 2013. I knew in my heart that we were having a girl from the beginning. Nothing about that pregnancy told me we would be having a boy. Even the times when my husband would say, “I don’t have any sisters, I know it’s a boy”, nope. We go into the room and get settled. I had drank orange juice because my OBGYN had told me to drink some before coming because it’s supposed to help with the baby moving around, just to make sure we could get a good view to determine the gender. I’m laying there looking up at the screen, so nervous but also very excited. He grips my hand, we look at each other and smile, and then…

“Well, looks like you’re having a baby girl!”

I told you, I said. He hates admitting when I’m right, but he did. We were so happy! It was time to stock up on all of the cutest baby girl things! I already knew what I wanted to name her. No doubt about her name at all. We named her after my Mamaw – Lee Irene Walker who passed away in November of 2011. Most of you who truly know me, know that my Mamaw was my whole life and meant the world to me.

Vaeh’s full name is: Nevaeh Lee – Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards) & Lee from my Mamaw. So, Heavenly.

The Third Trimester:

Huge, miserable, GET THIS BABY OUT. I couldn’t lay down the right way, my belly was so huge, and I was ready! I bitched, moaned, whined, cried, all the works. Pretty sure I became super annoying not only to my husband but to everyone around me, and at that time I didn’t care. I started having Braxton Hicks at 24 weeks, and had them until I went in to have her. We went up to labor and delivery once a week like it was a trip to a family members house or something. I know for a fact I annoyed them. Constantly sending us home telling me to drink water, take a 20 minute bath, and take 2 Tylenol. I mean, being pregnant for the first time, clearly I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing.

September 1st, 2013 – DUE DATE & no baby. I was pissed. Not even going to lie, I felt so defeated. Went in for my last check-up the next morning and they scheduled for me to be induced September 5th, 2013. So now I’ve got to keep this baby in for 4 more days of misery. Great. Those 4 days, at the time felt so SLOW. Obviously looking back now, time flies by so quickly.

Truly, I wish I would have been able to enjoy my first pregnancy – but I feel blessed that everything was normal the whole time – which lead to a healthy baby girl.

Stay tuned for my next blog!

Vaeh’s Birth Story

XOXO – Chels ♥️

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3 thoughts on “First Pregnancy

  1. I hated being pregnant too ugh. Even more the second time! I liked all the nice things like feeling the baby kick but the rest of it sucked. I love your bump pic at the end. I’m looking forward to reading vaeh’s birth story ❤️


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