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Hey y’all! It’s been a minute, so I decided to do something fun with this blog! A couple of weeks ago, I posted to my stories using a question poll where anyone could ask anything anonymously. I had such a great turn out, and I am excited to share these questions and answers with y’all! Let’s get into it!

QUESTION 1: Why are people so petty?

ANSWER: Ya know, I really don’t know. I always wonder the same thing. Why are people so petty? Just be happy, live your life, and SAVE THE DRAMA FO YO MAMA.

QUESTION 2: How’d you get started blogging?

ANSWER: I’ve been blogging since September of last year. I started blogging originally to help with my anxiety, and felt that I had good inspiration to share. It became somewhat of an open diary for me, just to get things off of my chest. Eventually, I started blogging about other lifestyle related things, including content I’ve created.

One of my first blogs and announcements. Kinda makes me cringe a little. Haha.

QUESTION 3: How do you typically deal with your anxiety?

ANSWER: Each day is different. Some days are so much harder than others. I try to focus my mind on the positive things in life and stay on track so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I will be honest, I am medicated for my anxiety, and I am thankful for it. While being medicated for things such as anxiety or depression has become so negative, as long as you have self control and you know your limit, you’ll be fine. I have a very low tolerance to any kind of medication. Therefore, I already know the amount I can take. Other than being medicated for anxiety, I listen to music, practice breathing techniques, or lay down to rest my mind. That’s what has helped me when and if needed. Not all medication will work for everyone, just like not all non-mediacted techniques will work for everone. You just have to find what works best for you.

QUESTION 4: Where and what age did you and your husband meet?

ANSWER: We were both 19! Just babies. True story, we met through his brother’s ex wife’s cousin who is also one of his ex girlfriends, that was a good friend of mine at the time. Strange, typing that out. I know, I know. They barely dated, and were better off as friends. When we finally “met”, we met up at a local gas station where my cousin dropped me off. Ya know, because I was about to go on a “blind date” and had only talked with him through text and over the phone.

One our first pictures together. Don’t mind the dirty mirror.

QUESTION 5: Tell us your love story girlfriend!

ANSWER: I actually wrote a blog about this, somewhat. This blog is by far my favorite blog and I can’t read it without crying. He came into my life at the most perfect time. I thank God every day for him. Go check it out here – There is a reason why.

QUESTION 6: Where was your wedding? What theme was it?

ANSWER: We had an outdoor ceremony in mid-April and the theme was “country/camo”. We wore boots, cowboy/cowgirl hats, the whole shindig. What can I say? We’re from the south!

QUESTION 7: What made you choose your children’s names?

ANSWER: Our daughter who is our first born is named after my Mamaw. My Mamaw’s name was Lee Irene, and she passed away in 2011. I knew if I ever had a daughter, that she would be named after her. Our daughter’s name is Nevaeh Lee. Neveah is heaven spelt backwords, and Lee after my Mamaw’s first name, so Heavenly. We call her “Vaeh” for short. Her other nickname is “BooBoo” and has been since she was a month old. For our son, our last and final born, we originally wanted to name him Nathaniel but we figured with our long German last name that he would already have a hard time, so we shortened the name to just Nathan. His middle name is Leo. Honestly, we just liked the name Leo and you don’t hear that name often anymore. We call him Little Bubba, and his Papaw calls him “Nate-Dawg”. Plus as OCD as I am, their names have the same amount of letters in them, and of course Lee and Leo go hand in hand.

QUESTION 8: What’s your favorite sport? Better be the Braves!

ANSWER: Beer Pong is my favorite sport. Kidding. If I watch any sport, it’s probably going to be Football. I don’t necessarily have a favorite “team” but, when I watch it I get more into watching it than most of you are probably thinking. As for the Braves, I do love the Braves. I remember when I was little my grandparents would watch the Braves and drink coffee of an evening and they would let me watch and have coffee with them. I remember those nights as if it were yesterday, so bittersweet.

QUESTION 9: How did you start influencing?

ANSWER: Truth: I messaged my now best friend back in September of last year and asked her how she was doing what she was doing (influencing), and that I needed something to do being a stay at home mom. She said, “Well let me take you for a ride girlfriend 😘” We both somewhat started together and started growing our following, meeting other mamas and helping others as well.

QUESTION 10: What do you like best about blogging?

ANSWER: That I’m not on video having to talk. Just being honest. I hate my voice on video, legit hate it. I also like being able to just write/type and get things off of my chest, and share amazing things with everyone.

QUESTION 11: What’s your favorite hobby (other than photography)?

ANSWER: I would have to say DIY projects. I love anything and everything farmhouse, and I’ve added some retro/boho vibes to my decor – which has been really fun. Once I start adding more, I’ll definitely be showing y’all!

QUESTION 12: How old are you?

ANSWER: I am 27 years old. I’m a Picses, so I’ll be 28 in March of next year!

QUESTION 13: What do you admire about yourself?

ANSWER: I admire the dedication and loyalty that I have, if we’re being honest.

QUESTION 14: What motivates you the most?

ANSWER: My kids and husband, and a few close friends.

QUESTION: 15: Umm can you pick a date on the week of August 5th to hang literally need to!

ANSWER: We can definitely hang out, but it’ll have to be before the week of August 5th! Vaeh starts school that week.

QUESTION 16: Maintaining a healthy balance with life?

ANSWER: Shoot when I figure this one out, I will be sure to share! I guess just finding the right groove/balance that works. At least that’s what I try to do. I try to schedule things that need to be done ahead of time, and that does help keep things on track. When I’m on track, I don’t feel as much pressure or feel overwhelmed, personally. I know some people like the rush of things, but I just can’t.

That’s all for now! This was fun. I’m hoping to do more things like this via my stories with y’all, to create more blogs and content. Stay tuned!

XO – Chels









2 thoughts on “Instagram Stories Q & A

  1. Thank you for sharing your Q+A with us! I just started following you but I feel like I truly got to know you better! I too started blogging to help with anxiety! I really like how you reached out to a friend too to ask about how to start influencing because is it a bit daunting when you’re starting out on your own! And the Braves as in the Atlanta Braves?? I’m from Atlanta and I love the city so much but just just making sure it was those Braves. Lol

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